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At Advanced Sleep Diagnostics of Michigan, we take pride in our patient care. Sleep sufferers receive knowledgeable and compassionate treatment from a professional team of providers and technicians trained in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Our comprehensive clinical facility is equipped with sleep lab rooms specially designed for your comfort and relaxation.

Along with quality care, Advanced Sleep Diagnostics of Michigan seeks to provide patients with access to the information to answer all their sleep-related questions. Take our sleep quiz to learn more about what may be causing you to get inadequate or poor-quality sleep….



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Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed. The Berlin Questionnaire includes a series of questions about risk factors for sleep apnea, including snoring behavior, waketime sleepiness or fatigue, and obesity or hypertension.?Fill out this short questionnaire to learn if you should seek help to treat sleep apnea.

DID YOU KNOW THAT ADVANCED SLEEP DIAGNOSTIC PATIENTS CAN ACCESS THEIR MEDICAL RECORDS THROUGH OUR PATIENT PORTAL?  Ask us how! We have the newest electronic software that allows us to easily send your records anywhere, and even allows you to log in and view your chart.  We want you to know you are receiving the best care possible!